Beat the Heat

When I come inside after working on my farm out in this heat, I crave this easy cold drink to cool me down and take the edge off my hunger so I can work on our next meal. It also has the benefit of tasting great and working some medicinal dandelion root into our diet. My eight year old loves it as well. We call it dandy freeze.


I pick up this Dandy Blend instant drink powder online at Swanson or at my health food store. (I like to support Swanson’s because it is family owned as opposed to vita cost which is now owned by a company that gives a lot of money to fight gmo labeling.) It is sold as a coffee substitute, but I was never a coffee drinker. I do enjoy it hot in the mornings also though. Originally my doctor recommended it as a tasty way to get dandelion into our diet for its many health benefits.

To make dandy freeze for two (or three smaller glasses), put ten ice cubes into a blender that can blend ice without breaking, fill with good milk ¬†almost to the top of the ice cubes (I imagine any milk substitute could work as well although it won’t have the same nutrition benefits), add two heaping spoonfuls (smaller spoons, not big soup spoons) of Dandy Blend, and sweeten to taste with stevia. I use four dropper-fulls of chocolate stevia recently, but the regular stuff is great too. I have a pretty high tolerance to stevia, so if you aren’t using a lot of it, you might want to start with one dropper-full and see how you like that. Also, the large bottles have larger droppers than the small ones, so I would only use 3 if I were using the 4 oz bottles. You could use honey or maple syrup too, if you don’t mind the sugar (or hate stevia). Anyway, once sweetened (or unsweetened if you like things that way), blend until the ice is completely crushed and pour into a tall glass of cold, refreshing,¬† life-giving deliciousness. Yum!!

If you would like to watch a great, quick clip on the history of raw milk and pasteurization, click here.

If you are fatigued or would love to get off coffee but just really need the caffeine, you may have adrenal fatigue. There are healthy ways to treat this so that you don’t need caffeine anymore, which will eventually make you worse. In addition to a healthy diet, etc, my husband and I have both had great results from this supplement, which is made by these folks. We tried cheaper things, but they sadly didn’t work for long. By the way, regular doctors don’t believe in adrenal fatigue, so if you want medical help, you’ll have to find a holistic doctor.

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