Nachodillas (nachos meet quesadillas)

I don’t know about you, but my kids need to eat at least five times a day, and they aren’t happy if I try to feed them the same thing each time. This schedule tests my creativity. I try to keep the granola bars and other less-nutritious fare for when we are out and about.  Sometimes re-combining ingredients I keep on hand anyway is a great solution, as in this dish that my son dreamed up.

I keep FOOD FOR LIFE sprouted corn tortillas in the freezer at all times. Salsa; sour cream; raw, grass-fed cheese; and sauerkraut also live in my fridge. We find that kraut not only adds a juicy tang, but also helps keep our tummies happy. We even take it on vacation to partially offset the lower quality food that happens when we don’t have our own kitchen. No more vacation heartburn!

The beans are something I make from scratch, and keep on hand in the fridge or freezer. See my blog post on why and how, here.

So, I put three tortillas in my large cast iron skillet with plenty of melted coconut oil (use expeller pressed if you don’t want them tasting coconuty) or ghee or tallow. Immediately top with shredded cheese and cold beans (re-fried or not) straight from the fridge. That’s what makes this great for second breakfast – one dish! Add a lid so the beans will heat while the tortillas cook and the cheese melts.

When all is hot, remove to a plate and add toppings of choice. Enjoy!

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