Scrumptious Garlic Spread

When friends visit my home, they often end up asking me for the recipe I’m going to share here with you.

Garlic ready for blending

Garlic is really good for us, and I love the taste. Since I have Lyme, garlic is also one of my medicines and I am committed to eating it raw every day. Oh, and maybe that is why the mosquitoes usually go after someone else? However, I found the heat of fresh, raw garlic overbearing and I was sick and tired of washing the garlic press. I always press my garlic since I read a fascinating book called Eat on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson (Interview)which explains how to get the most benefit out of garlic and other vegetables by simply buying one type over another or pressing versus slicing.

After much trial and error, I eventually discovered that I can buy garlic in bulk (either in my store or from a farm), and peel it while chatting with friends or watching TV (use gloves if doing a large amount – it can burn skin just like hot peppers). Then I just partly fill a quart sized canning jar with the cloves and cover with raw apple cider vinegar. I let them sit in my dark pantry for at least a couple of weeks and watch them turn all sorts of interesting shades of green and blue as they gently pickle. I peel more so I can add a jar every week or so, to ensure I always have some ready to use. We love it so much that we eat a LOT of it.

When it is pickled, I scoop some into my blender with a slotted spoon and cover with olive oil. I blend it to smooth or chunky depending on my mood, and then just keep the (not green anymore) spread on my counter until we eat it, which is never long. Unlike the store bought garlic paste, this kind has all the medicine and flavor of fresh garlic, but MUCH less heat and work than whole garlic. I toss a few heaping spoonfuls in whatever I’m cooking,  spread it on top of toast, salad, eggs, burgers, and more. The flavor is amazing and I think it really helps keep my family healthy.

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